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The General Electric (Black Vinyl) (Slightly Damaged Sleeve)

Brand: Shihad

Slight cosmetic damage only - unshrinkwrapped and minor damage on sleeve. All sales are final.

For the first time on vinyl, the classic album remastered. Limited edition 45pm 180 Gram black double LP.

Track listing

Side A
Intro (Remastered)
My Mind's Sedate (Remastered)
The General Electric (Remastered)
Wait And See (Remastered)

Side B
Pacifier (Remastered)
Thin White Line (Remastered)
Only Time (Remastered)

Side C
Just Like Everybody Else (Remastered)
Sport And Religion (Remastered)
Spacing (Remastered)

Side D
The Metal Song (Remastered)
Life In Cars (Remastered)
Brightest Star (Remastered)