Sunnyboys (Black Vinyl)

Brand: Sunnyboys

To coincide with November’s designation as Aus Music Month, Warner Music Australia will release a special collection of vinyl titles. Taking in local artists from the 1960s through to the 2000s, the albums include both brand new compilations and classic studio albums released on coloured vinyl for the first time.

Lauded as one of “The 100 Best Australian Albums” in the book of the same name, Sunnyboys’ self-titled album from 1981 is a dazzling, cohesive slice of power punk. Featuring the singles Happy Man and Alone With You, the new pressing uses audio remastered in 2014.

In addition to the release of vinyl titles, Warner Music Australia will be releasing an exclusive range of Aus Music Month T-shirts featuring selected artists. T-shirt designs are available from the Warner store and can be ordered now. Warner Music Australia will be donating $5 from each T-shirt towards Support Act during the Aus Music Month campaign. Support Act raises funds for artists, crew and music workers who are experiencing financial hardship due to ill health, injury or mental health issues.

Release date: 20th August, 2021

Track listing:

Side A
I Can't Talk To You (2014 remaster)
My Only Friend (2014 remaster)
Trouble In My Brain (2014 remaster)
Gone (2014 remaster)
It's Not Me (2014 remaster)
Happy Man (2014 remaster)

Side B
Alone With You (2014 remaster)
Tunnel Of Love (2014 remaster)
Liar (2014 remaster)
Let You Go (2014 remaster)
I'm Shakin' (2014 remaster)
I Can't Talk To You (Reprise) (2014 remaster)