Shiver (Limited Edition White Vinyl)


On 24 July 1989, New Zealand singer Jenny Morris released Shiver, the most commercially successful album of her solo career. Featuring singles including Saved Me (a favourite of Prince, who Morris would support on European tour dates in 1990), She Has To Be Loved (an ARIA top five single) and the Paul Kelly-penned Street Of Love, the album achieved double platinum sales in Australia.

On August 23, Shiver will be available on limited edition white vinyl – its first time pressed on LP since its initial release 30 years ago. Three decades on, Shiver stands up as an impressive blend of finely crafted songwriting, rhythmic production and powerful vocal performances. Andrew Farriss is happy the reissue of Shiver on both vinyl and digital streaming platforms provides a new opportunity for music fans to be acquainted (or reacquainted) with the album.

Track listing
Side A
1. Saved Me
2. Bag Lady
3. She Has To Be Loved
4. Conscience
5. Street Of Love
Side B
6. Self Deceiver
7. Little Little
8. Land Of The Long White Cloud / Aotearoa
9. Humanity
10. Shiver