Jamie Lawson (CD)


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RELEASE DATE: 16th October, 2015

Includes hand signed by Jamie Lawson! Available for a limited time

British singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson, the first ever signing to Ed Sheeran’s own label Gingerbread Man Records will release self-titled album on Friday 9 October. The album, available for pre-order now, features the double platinum single Wasn’t Expecting That, which reached #3 on the ARIA single chart. Enigmatic and soulful, Jamie first drew Ed’s attention with an early version of his international juggernaut hit Wasn’t Expecting That, which drew the ginger-haired superstar to tears.

His debut release on Gingerbread Man Records was produced by Ed’s longtime collaborator Will Hicks (Lily Allen, Plan B, Bastille) and mixed by Ruadhri Cushnan (Mumford & Sons Babel, Ed Sheeran + & x). The album reflects a writer and singer who is confidently, comfortably and completely himself.


  1. Wasn't Expecting That
  2. Someone For Everyone
  3. Cold In Ohio
  4. The Only Conclusion
  5. Still Yours
  6. All Is Beauty
  7. Don't Let Me Let You Go
  8. Ahead Of Myself
  9. In Our Own Worlds
  10. Sometimes It's Hard
  11. Let Love Hold You Now

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