Nights Like This (Turquoise Vinyl)

Brand: Jack Gray

The journey to adulthood is rarely simple or straight forward, but 20-year-old Jack Gray is out to prove he’s not afraid to face all the beautiful highs, messy lows and defining moments head-on with his emotionally packed new EP, Nights Like This. 

Written and recorded over the past two years, Nights Like This juxtaposes conflicting emotions as it moves from the fast-paced sugar rush of “Down Side of Up” - an attempt to balance optimism and pessimism in under two-and-a-half frenetic minutes - and tackles weighty topics with subtle nuance and reflection in slow-burner “Take Our Time” - a hushed piano ballad that builds into a dreamy synth-scape. It's an emotional deep dive from the “unassuming pop star” (Alt Citizen) into the stories and experiences that have made him who he is today.

Premiered on Triple J, featured single, “Fools” is a melodic, catchy alt-pop tune with a chorus that soars, instantly relatable to anyone who’s ever been hung up on someone who you know is all kinds of wrong but just can’t quite ... we’ve all been there!

Track listing
Side A
Drunk Talk
Down Side Of Up

Side B
My Hands
Take Our Time