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The Platinum Collection (The Best Of)

Brand: En Vogue

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En Vogue did make some fine albums, but they always shone on singles. As a matter of fact, the best of their hits -- "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)," "Whatta Man," "Runaway Love," "Free Your Mind," "Hold On," "Don't Let Go (Love)" -- were among the very best singles of the '90s, regardless of genre. That's why The Best of En Vogue is such a welcome addition to their catalog. Serious and casual fans alike will find this 14-track collection a captivating listen, since there's a certain intoxicating thrill in hearing each great single flow into the next. It can be argued that the high quality of the material makes this En Vogue's best record, but at the very least, The Best of En Vogue is a dynamite, definitive compilation.

Track listing

My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
Hold On
Whatta Man (feat. En Vogue) [EP Version]
Free Your Mind
Don't Let Go (Love)
Giving Him Something He Can Feel (Edit)
No Fool No More
Give It Up, Turn It Loose
Runaway Love (feat. FMob) [EP Version]
Too Gone, Too Long
Let It Flow
Love Don't Love You