Emerson, Lake & Palmer (LP)


Hot on the heels of their famous, critically acclaimed performance to 600,000 people at the Isle Of Wight Festival in August 1970, came ELP’s ground-breaking debut album ‘Emerson, Lake & Palmer’ (1970). ‘ELP’ comprised their strongest early originals and two dazzling classical adaptations filled with rippling piano and synthesizer playing by Emerson alongside lightning-fast drumming by Palmer, anchored around Lake's excellent bass work.


The LP is the original 1970 album, newly cut for the first time from the 24 Bit / High Density 2012 remaster, with faithfully reproduced original LP artwork.


Track Listing:

Side A

1. The Barbarian

2. Take A Pebble

3. Knife-Edge

Side B

1. The Three Fates

2. Tank

3. Lucky Man