Honey Boy OST (Vinyl)


Honey Boy OST by Alex Somers. Beautiful and transcendent soundtrack to accompany the Shia LaBeouf written and Alma Har'el directed Honey Boy.

Release date: 7th February 2019

Track listing

1. Honey Boy
2. Apologize
3. A Good Day
4. Where You Come From
5. Blood Family
6. Treehouse
7. Without a Net
8. Play the Tape Out
9. Blackout
10. A Mirror Behind You
11. Save Yourself
12. Fair
13. Mother Fell Out of a Window
14. Real World
15. None of It's Real
16. Trust Me Honey Boy
17. I Want You To Be Here
18. You're A F**king Star
19. A Violent Act
20. All I Ever Wanted