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King Of Ska: The Beverly's Records Singles Collection, 1963-67


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In 1963, a 21-year-old welder with dreams of becoming a full-time singer-songwriter, auditioned for one of Jamaica’s new elite record producers, Leslie Kong, owner of the recently launched Beverley’s Records label. After performing a number of original compositions, a deal was secured and within weeks, Desmond Adolphus Dacres saw his name in print as ‘Desmond Dekker’ on the labels of what would prove to be the first of his catalogue of 7” singles.

The record, which coupled two of his own songs, ‘Honour Your Mother And Father’ and ‘Madgie’, became an instant best-seller and heralded the beginning of a long and immensely successful run of singles by Dekker, both as a solo artist and later, as lead singer for The Aces.

To mark what would have been Desmond’s 80th birthday, this 2xCD set showcases Dekker’s first twenty singles for Kong’s Beverley’s labels which established him as a true Jamaican superstar.

The 2xCD set is presented in a fold out digipack, along with a 12 page booklet with fascinating sleeve notes written by journalist Winston Smith.

Release date: 17th September, 2021


Honour Your Mother and Father
Happy Birthday Jamaica
Sinners, Prepare!
Labour for Learning
Take Your Time
It's a Shame
On the Move
007 (Shanty Town)
El Torro (Edit)
Wise Man
Middle East
Rude Boy Train
Nothing for Nothing
Mother's Young Gal
Jungle Bit
King of Ska
Boof Ska
Get Up Adina
It Was Only a Dream
Just One Little Girl
This Woman
Mount Zion
Just in Time (It's Always a Pleasure)
You've Got Your Troubles
Don Special
Sweet Music
Keep a Cool Head
Mother Long Tongue
Halls of Montezuma
Pretty Africa