A Fire In The Sky (CD)


The single-disc version of A FIRE IN THE SKY features 20 songs and focuses mainly on the band's singles. The heavy hitters are here of course - "Smoke On The Water" and "Highway Star" - but so are gems like "Perfect Strangers," the title track from the band's platinum-certified album from 1984, as well as "Hell To Pay," from 2013's Now What?!.


  1. Hell To Pay (Radio Edit)
  2. Rapture Of The Deep
  3. Sun Goes Down
  4. Any Fule Kno That
  5. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Edit)
  6. Bad Attitude (Radio Edit)
  7. Knocking At Your Back Door (Single Edit)
  8. Perfect Strangers (Single Edit)
  9. You Keep On Moving (Single Edit)
  10. Soldier Of Fortune
  11. Burn (U.S. Single Edit)
  12. Woman From Tokyo (Single Edit)
  13. Highway Star (U.S. Single Edit)
  14. Smoke On The Water (U.S. Single Edit)
  15. Fireball
  16. Strange Kind Of Woman
  17. Child In Time (Part 1)
  18. Speed King (U.S. Album Edit)
  19. Black Night
  20. Hush