Just Like That... (Vinyl)


Bonnie Raitt is a singer, songwriter and guitarist whose unique style blends blues,
R&B, rock, and pop. After 20 years as a cult favorite, she broke through to the
top in the early 90s with her GRAMMY-award winning albums, Nick of Time
and Luck of the Draw, which featured hits, “Something to Talk About” and
“I Can’t Make You Love Me” among others. Raitt’s widely acclaimed 2012
independent release Slipstream sold over a quarter-million copies, making it
one of the top selling independent albums, and earned Raitt her 10th Grammy
Award (Best Americana Album). In February 2016, Raitt released her highlyanticipated
20th album, Dig In Deep (Redwing Records). On tour for much of
2017-2019, Raitt and her band performed in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada
before touring as support for James Taylor in stadiums and arenas across the
U.S., United Kingdom and Europe. As known for her lifelong commitment to social
activism as she is for her music, Raitt has long been involved with the environmental
movement and continues to work on safe energy issues, environmental protection,
social justice, human rights, and blues/music education.

Release date: 22nd April, 2022