Blacktop Run (Vinyl)


Sonny Landreth’s new album "Blacktop Run" mixes genres and styles across a landscape of lyricism and rootsy grooves.

A percussive burst of acoustic resonator guitar pushes the narrator on a journey “between the life I left and the edge of next” in the title cut of guitarist, songwriter and bandleader Sonny Landreth’s 14th album.

The project's range is the fruit of a renewed collaboration. Producer RS Field – who helmed Landreth's trio of breakout albums – joined the six-stringer and co-producer Tony Daigle to finish the record.

Release date: 21st February, 2020


Blacktop Run
Lover Dance With Me
Groovy Goddess
Somebody Gotta Make A Move
Beyond Borders
Don't Ask Me
The Wilds Of Wonder
Many Worlds
Something Grand