Hadestown (CD)


A time of scarcity and fear, a love that knows no bounds, an authoritarian leader who promises security and freedom, an artist who challenges the status quo – this is the premise of Hadestown. In Anaïs Mitchell’s imaginative rendering, brought to vibrant life by director Rachel Chavkin and an extraordinary company of actors and musicians, we witness love that never dies. Above ground is an idealistic poet who believes he can change the world with a song, and a skeptical young woman who sees the world for what it is. Down below is the ageless yet frayed love between the King and Queen of the underworld. When confronted with the alternatives of freedom or security, what choices would we make? Mitchell states “what you’re hearing is more than a score, it’s people moving, dancing, breathing, the improvisations of the band, and the audience responding in real time…”. The Orpheus and Eurydice myth retold in Hadestown may be an ancient story, but it is undeniably as relevant today as it has ever been. Hadestown is a musical like no other. Defying genre, it mixes folk, jazz, blues, and Americana into a sweeping ancient tale, re imagined.

Release date: 1st November, 2019

Track listing

Disc One
Road to Hell
Any Way the Wind Blows
Come Home with Me
Wedding Song
Epic I
Livin’ It Up on Top
All I’ve Ever Known (Intro) (“In spite of herself...”)
All I’ve Ever Known
Way Down Hadestown
A Gathering Storm
Epic II
Hey, Little Songbird
When the Chips Are Down (Intro) (“Songbird vs. rattlesnake...”)
When the Chips Are Down
Gone, I’m Gone
Wait for Me (Intro) (“Hey, the big artiste...”)
Wait for Me
Why We Build the Wall
Why We Build the Wall (Outro) (“Behind closed doors...”)

Disc 2
1. Our Lady of the Underground
2. Way Down Hadestown (Reprise)
3. Flowers
4. Come Home with Me (Reprise)
5. Papers (Intro) (“You’re not from around here, son”)
6. Papers (Instrumental)
7. Nothing Changes
8. If It’s True
9. How Long?
10. Chant (Reprise)
11. Epic III
12. Epic III Instrumental (Intro) (“They danced...”)
13. Promises
14. Word to the Wise
15. His Kiss, the Riot
16. Wait for Me (Reprise) (Intro) (“If you wanna walk
out of hell...”)
17. Wait for Me (Reprise)
18. Doubt Comes In
19. Road to Hell (Reprise)
20. We Raise Our Cups