January 28, 2020

With their brand-new album, Father Of All… set to drop next month (Feb 7th), it seems like the perfect opportunity to take some time out for a little Green Day appreciation! Pre-order Father Of All… HERE

Over the years, the hard-hitting trio have delivered a mountain of amazing music videos, using theatrical flair and cuttingly sharp wit to bring their bratty pop-punk anthems to life. Here are seven of the best!

1. “Basket Case” [1994]

Green Day’s third-ever music video is still one of their best! “Basket Case” was shot in an actual abandoned mental institution in California and is filled with fine moments that reference classic films like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Apparently, the whole thing was shot in black and white, with the colour added in post to get those trippy Fluro eyes.

2. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” [1997]

The “Good Riddance” vid won the trio an MTV Video Music Award in 1998 and it’s not hard to see why. Billie Joe sets the scene, strumming an acoustic guitar heartfelt and alone while a series of intercut scenes capture moments of love and loss that lead us to the turning points of life. Watch closely to see drummer Tre Cool bleeding on the sidewalk and bassist Mike Dirnt pumping gas. 

3. “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” [2004] 

“Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” was a smash hit that hung around in the charts for months when it was first released in 2004. The moody and melodic monster ballad came with this windswept, desert wasteland themed music video. Apparently, the director Sam Bauer, scratched the film with razor blades and cigarette butts to get that beat-up gritty effect that makes it look like it’s been dug up from the sand they walk through.

4. “American Idiot” [2004]

“American Idiot” appears to be a regular performance clip, until the 1:36 mark when all hell breaks loose and the American flag backdrop melts into a green ooze in a Matrix-style sense of unreality. American Idiot was a pivotal album for Green Day, and this was the moment that kicked it all off. 

5. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” [2005]

Even though Billie Joe wrote this song about losing his father when he was just a child, the music video takes a more universal approach, exploring the concept of loss in what plays like a mini-movie about a soldier fighting in the Iraq War. It’s a moving epic that shows, for all the sharp-tongued, punk and bratty moments, there’s an equally deep well of introspection tied up in Green Day’s songs.

6. “Jesus Of Suburbia” [2005]

Continuing the silver screen production approach with “Jesus Of Suburbia”, an eleven-minute, Oscar-contending saga about life and love in an underground punk paradise saturated in Fluro hair, padlocks, chains and a whole lotta partying. 

7. “Father Of All…” [2019]

Green Day’s latest offering, “Father Of All…” comes from their upcoming album of the same name. The raucous music video, released late last year, takes a trip through time, cutting scenes of people dancing, charming snakes, losing themselves in religion, protesting and rebelling in all different forms and eras around the globe, while the band performs in a slick red-lit room framed by a wall of silhouetted dancers behind, ruminating on the chaos brewing all around us. 

Father Of All… is due out February 7th. Pre-order the album HERE